Discover Eversafe Civilian MREs

There are many civilians who are interested in eating MREs which are Ready-to-Eat meals that soldiers in the military carry to the field. These pre-made meal packs are lightweight, making them easy to carry and they are made in a way that makes them last a long time and safe to eat and requires only water for preparation. Here we will take a look at the facts about MREs and we will review the Eversafe brand for civilian use.

The History Of MREs

While they were quite different, the very first form of this type of meal for soldiers was created for those fighting in the Revolutionary War. These meals were made to feed a man for a single day and the meal consisted of rice, peas, and beef. By the time America found itself in the Civil War, canned foods had become more prominent. During this era, a complete ration would include canned meat such as pork along with bread, sugar, salt, and coffee.

When World War 1 began, the field rations had yet again developed into something a little bit different. During this era, instead of having canned meats, the ration would include dried meats such as beef jerky which made it very light to carry and allowed soldiers in the field to bring more food. During World War II there were many field rations that were introduced but ultimately the military returned back to using canned food for rations.

After a great deal of experimentation that lasted between World War II and the Vietnam War, MREs began to be available. They came about because the military found that soldiers needed more than just meals that would satisfy their nutritional needs. When soldiers are in the field for extended periods of time they need food and rations to meet their taste as well as provide needed nutrition.

Another issue that came up with carrying food by soldiers who were on extended missions was the weight of the food. Very often these extended missions were under very difficult situations and required the soldiers to carry a lot of equipment. That equipment added weight and meant that food rations needed to be lighter so that they could carry the needed food along with the required equipment.

Ultimately, this all led to a hydrated meal that would be stored inside of a waterproof pouch. The biggest problem was its cost was high and for this reason, its use was limited. By the mid-1980s, however, an acceptable form of MREs that included a choice of 12 different entrees was realized.

1990 Brings New Development

The military continued to look for ways to improve the MRE and by 1990 the FRH which uses an exothermic reaction when water is applied meant that soldiers in the field could now enjoy a hot meal. The soldiers requested a wider choice of meals and in an effort to make them more appealing, commercial like graphics were added to the packages by the mid-1990s.

The Proper Use Of MREs

These meals each have around 1200 calories and they are made to be eaten for no longer than 3 weeks at a time. Most MREs are made so that they can last for up to three years. The packaging is designed to hold up under the riggers of military use. A governmental law states that the sales of any MREs that are made for military use are illegal to sell to civilians. Only MREs specifically made for civilians can be made publicly available for sale.

Eversafe Civilian MREs Review

civilian mreEversave is a brand owned by Wornick. It is one of the three major companies that produces MREs for the military. It is also one of the first companies that produced them specifically for sale to civilians. Over the years, the company has struggled with its sales to civilians and as a consequence, it has made numerous changes over the years which has led to some confusion by consumers.

In 2001 they stop selling to civilians and they didn’t make civilian MREs again until 2005. They started selling these meals in pouches but then changed to a bowl design a few months later. Then, a while after that change they changed back to offering both types of MREs. Finally, in 2007 they again stopped selling MREs to civilians.

In 2008 they again tried marketing a completely different MRE for civilians. They tried to combine components from the military food ration along with more commercial type food. Because the same company had produced several different types of MREs all of which were being sold by distributors, the consumers became confused which hurt sales.

In 2009 they were finally able to come up with an MRE for civilians that worked. These MREs were made for civilians but were based largely on military components. This worked because the majority of people who are buying these civilian MREs are people that want the military style food portions. The majority of civilians that are buying these products are people that regularly do extended camping or hiking. Also, those who are considered Preppers who prepare for disasters that include invasion or natural disasters are among those who purchase this type of food.

Eversafe Civilian MREs are now considered the best by those wanting these food packs to be as much like those consumed by soldiers as possible. Anyone wanting to purchase this type of food is likely to be pleased with this brand.

Why You Should Buy MREs For Camping

Everyone who goes camping will face the dilemma of what to pack for food. Many people pack lots of canned foods as they are easy to open and prepare, unfortunately, these can be very heavy to pack and add to the load.

Taking time to cook when camping may be great fun to some, but for others, it’s a huge chore. They have to take time away from activities that they want to enjoy with their family and they have to pack heavy cookware as well as plan for plates of some sort.

Then there is the clean-up. This can take a lot of time if you have to wash cookware and other items that were used in cooking preparation. MRE meals are all in one convenient package and all you have to do is heat it up, open it and eat it.

When you’re finished, you just throw them away in the trash just like you would anything else that you throw away while on a camping trip. It’s convenient and will save a lot of time and money.

As an alternative idea, many are turning to MREs or meals ready to eat. These meals are all packaged up and serve from 600 to 3000 calories per package. Perfect for anyone in your family. You can pick and choose the meals that you take so it’s great to take smaller sized MREs for younger family members and the larger ones for adults.

They are ideal for large families or smaller families and will provide plenty of healthy nutritious food to take along on the camping trip. There are even special MREs that offer snack foods and other items that are delicious and quick and easy to have on your camping trip.

MREs were originally designed for the military when they are out in the field. They offer them a healthy nutritious meal during combat or war times and are quick and easy to prepare.

Most MREs have a self-heating package that when activated will take about 10 minutes to heat up the meal. You’ll also need to add some water to the meal.

It doesn’t get any easier though. Just add water and activate the heat package and within 10 minutes you’ll have a healthy and nutritious meal for everyone in your group.

These are ideal when it’s raining or snowing and you can’t build a fire. Perfect regardless of where you’re camping as you don’t have to stress over cookware, and the fire or heat source to prepare the meals.

They’re healthy and offer a fully balanced nutritional option for your meals. They won’t take up a lot of space and you can pack enough for an entire family without having to worry about weight or how much space they take up.

If you’re into backpacking while out on a camping trip you’ll appreciate that even the smallest member can take their own meals. These are so lightweight that anyone can carry several without adding to the weight of the backpack.

You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to choose your meals. They come in a variety of flavors and you can buy them by the case. You can also buy a case of a variety pack that will give you a case of several flavors.

Since these store well, you can store them for a number of years so even though you won’t need an entire case for your next camping trip, you can store them for the next one without any concerns about them going bad.

As more people are discovering these they are beginning to stock up for those busy work nights when no one wants to cook. Not only are these ideal for camping, they are also handy to have when you’re too tired to cook.

MREs come complete with all the utensils and condiments that are required. The self-heating packages don’t require a match or lighter to use and will heat the food in the package up quickly and evenly.

MREs for camping make the easiest way to pack along plenty of food for the entire party. No one is stuck cooking or cleaning up and everyone can choose to eat what they want.

MREs are available online and you can also find them in surplus stores and some big box stores are beginning to carry them. You can also find them in hunting and fishing departments sometimes.

If you’ve always hesitated thinking that you wouldn’t like them, you should give them a try. It’s not difficult to try one. Just open it, add the required amount of water and then activate the heat package. You’ll have a hot meal within 10 minutes.

So next time you go camping try to buy MREs and enjoy your entire trip. Pick and choose your favorite MRE meals and pack plenty so that you can get out and have some fun with the rest of the family.

Camping can be a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. No one wants to be the one that’s stuck at camp doing all of the cooking and all of the dishes.

If these are good enough for the military, they’re good enough for your family and friends. They’re healthy and nutritious and you’ll appreciate the convenience of having them at the ready whenever anyone in your group is hungry.

Mealtime can be anywhere and there’s no need to go back to camp in order to eat. You can take them anywhere you go without having to worry about having anything else to eat them.

MREs are fast catching on as a great take along food for camping and will save you a lot of weight (both food and cookware) and time. You’ll save time with cooking and food preparation and doing the clean up. So make your next camping trip a great one.

Get some MREs and try them out and plan ahead to take them with you for your next camping trip.

A Brief History Of Military Grade MREs And Their Evolution

If you read about past wars throughout US history, you are going to run across many instances where soldiers ran out of supplies. Shortage of weapons, food and other resources can be detrimental during combat. Military grade MRE meals were created to help make supplying food to soldiers much easier, but these rations weren’t the first solution.

There were also LRP rations and MCI rations, which were canned. Canned foods are one way to do it, but sealed packages are much better. These pouch meals last for a long time, and they are also used by civilians to pack food away for emergency natural disasters.

When were the MRE meals introduced? They came on the scene in 1981, and so far, they are here to stay. They are lightweight pouches, so ease of transport was definitely part of the design concerns. You might think that pouched meals wouldn’t taste all that great, but have you tried one? People buy these things for camping supplies, too.

While it was mentioned that these MRE meals were introduced in 1981, it was in 1963 that the military began trying to develop them. Do you know what MRE stands for? The ‘M’ stands for ‘meals,’ and the ‘RE’ stands for ‘ready to eat.’ These meals may have been around now for decades, but they are always being improved upon. They are an important part of keeping America’s military servicemen and women well fed and in good spirits while out in the field.

These MRE meals can be purchased separately or in bulk by civilians. After learning about the history of MREs, maybe you want to now try one. It is very easy to do, and then you can give your honest opinion about whether or not US military personnel are well cared for out in the field when it comes to food rations.

How To Use MREs – Preparation Tips

Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) are the best way to get nutrition while you are away from the house. They are great because you can eat them in whichever way you want. Whether warm or cold, they are pre-cooked and can be eaten from the packaging. Well, here are some of the ways to prepare MREs for the best results.

First, you can use an MRE Heater to heat the MREs. It is the best way to eat the food without necessarily using fire. If you are in an area where it is prohibited to light fires, an MRE heater would always come in handy. These heaters are also perfect for any emergency.

Second, you can also boil the MRE. If you are on a camping adventure and have brought a stove along, you can always use it to warm water and boil the MRE in it. Of course, you need to remove it from the cardboard casing before placing it in the water.

Third, you can heat it using rays from the sun. If you place the MRE on a dark rock, because it will heat up faster, you can warm up your food and enjoy a nice and warm meal. Remove the MRE from the cardboard casing and lay it on the rock facing the sun directly.

Fourth, you can use your car engine to warm up the MRE. Remove the outer casing and lay it on the warm engine. Leave it for a while to make sure it heats properly. Of course, you do not have to leave the car running because you might overuse your battery. Rather, when your car engine is still warm after driving, you can use it to warm the MRE.

Finally, if you do not want to eat the MRE while it is hot, you can always eat it cold and get the same nutritious benefits.

Doomsday Prepping and the Importance of MREs

The doomsday prepping movement is growing. However, many people are not truly considering what will happen when the SHTF. Many people are prepping by buying large quantities of food that they can use if they are holed up in their home. However, many people are not considering their needs, if they need to take their doomsday show on the road.

Food is a major concern for all preppers. If you want to survive a doomsday event, you must consider buying MREs.

Portable Food

MREs are portable meals. Unlike other meals that come in separate containers, you get a whole meal with an MRE. This can make it easier to get the calories you need, without having to deal with multiple containers.

A person can easily carry several MREs on their person and dozens in their car. This can help sustain a person or their family for weeks. That may be enough time for them to locate to a safe house, their emergency shelter or another location.


An MRE is a self-heating container. This means there is no need to start a fire or use a heating source to warm the food. In an emergency situation, you may not want to have signs of your location.

Since the MRE is self-heating, you will not need to worry about how to start a fire on a cold or windy day. You also get to avoid using your precious matches. In a situation where all of your resources are necessities, it is important to get supplies that reduce their use.

Calorie Dense

MREs are packed full of calories. These calories are needed to sustain your strength and energy at a time when your life may truly depend on it. When you are in a doomsday type situation you need to have all of the physical resources you can.

There are both MRE bars and meals. The calorie levels are different. You should check on the calorie levels of the MREs you buy, to ensure you get the calories you need for your new doomsday lifestyle.


Prepping is not easy to do. You must look ahead to the many possible scenarios that can occur. With doomsday prepping you cannot hope that you will be able to stay in your home. You need to prepare to leave the safety of your house in order to find a more secure location. This requires the use of portable food supplies like MREs.